Saturday Respite Care in Groton

Wednesday | 07.27.16

The Community Foundation of Eastern CT. has awarded  the collaborative partnership of The Light House and Creative Potential, a three year grant to provide a twice a month, six hour respite program for children with special needs.  This collaboration is called Project Beacon.
Project Beacon will provide the monthly sessions for up to 25 children, at the Light House Groton campus, from 10-4 every other Saturday, starting in August. Criteria for each referral is attached. Each family that is referred will be interviewed by the administrators of the program, to make sure their child will be successful in the program and can be appropriate in a 5:1 ratio.
Each session, that a child attends, will start with a child assessing their needs, setting their goals and daily schedule of activities. The selected activities, coping breaks and individual skills they will work on throughout their day. At the end of the day, each child will assess how they did in working toward their goals.
We are fortunate that the Community Foundation understands the need for respite. Over the next three years we will be keeping data to support more grant funding. Your support, ideas and help will be important for the success of Project Beacon.  Donations are also important. Funding can only go so far. Families will have to pay for part of the program based on a sliding scale. While this may be a small amount, they will also have to provide their child’s lunch and snack. So donations of snacks, supplies, volunteers, ideas for field trips, speakers and/ or funds to sponsor a child are needed. We look forward to working with you and helping Project Beacon to establish a sustainable respite program for the families in our region.
Thank you,
Kathy Greene, Executive Director, The Light House
Sierra Davis, Executive Director, Creative Potential
Interested Caregivers/ Agency Referrals
For inquires please email Sierra Davis at or Lacy Johnson at
To get started, please select the appropriate link below to download the form. Once complete, forms can be emailed to the contacts above.

Project Beacon is a collaboration between the Light House and Creative Potential. Click to learn more about each organization.