About The Lighthouse

The Light House has been responding to the needs of the individuals it serves since the organization’s inception in 1992. Kathy Greene, Executive Director, opened a private special education school in the community because she – as well as parents, therapists and educators – recognized the importance of a community-based program where students of all differences would learn through real life experiences and opportunities. Decades later, we still employ this model to ensure success for all learners. The Light House’s journey began in 1992 with one student and a dedicated group of individuals determined to educate and prepare students for life through a variety of innovative, creative, outside the box techniques while incorporating choice, initiative and therapies. The team realized the importance of developing opportunities to apply and demonstrate the skills learned outside of the day. This led to the creation of evening social programs. The evening social programs quickly grew and expanded to address and meet the needs of a variety age groups, skills and abilities.

As the day program began to grow, we recognized that some individuals needed a longer, structured school day to work on areas of life including social, leisure, pre-employment, self-advocacy, community access and independent living skills. Students from surrounding districts began attending our extended day programs.

The Light House continued to grow and restructure to offer specialized, individual programs. Expansions included residential programs, social programs and additional school sites.

Today, the Light House continues to offer individualized programs for individuals with unique needs, skills and differences. All of our programs integrate community access, learning, independent living and strive to prepare individuals for the next critical step of their life. Our programs are categorized through our campuses which include the learning campus, life campus and community campus.

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