Purpose: Educating Students for Life

School-aged students, ages 7-21
Student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or is in the beginning stages of identification in home school district.

Timeframe: Follows academic year calendar
Full-time, part-time, and summer programming options available

The Learning Campus offers intensive individualized educational services for students with intellectual and developmental differences ages 7 – 21. The focus on community-based academic and adaptive skills makes The Light House a unique environment. Students are engaged in academic activities tied to Common Core with authentic opportunities for social communication and independence. Appropriate behaviors are taught and reinforced throughout the day. The Light House offers two educational sites that are Approved Private Special Education Programs in downtown Niantic.

List of programs:

School Program
Monday through Friday, 8am – 2pm

Each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) serves as the foundation for functional academics, social and communication skills, transition goals, and behavior plans. Individual student learning style is taken into consideration when implementing instructional strategies. These may include individualized instructional time, small group settings, incidental learning, hands-on cooperative learning, a multi-sensory approach, or the use of assistive technology devices. Modified responsive classroom approaches such as morning meeting, guided discovery, and choice are also an integral part of the program.

The Light House maintains a low student to staff ratio to ensure student success. Trained staff have the flexibility to adapt to each student’s unique needs by recognizing and respecting the individual’s developmental capabilities.

Our Annex site provides programs for elementary and middle school students. The program is highly individualized to maximize learning with individual classrooms available. Common areas include a full kitchen, computer area, art room, group instruction areas, and a motor room fully equipped with a climbing wall, treadmill, and swings.
Email: jgoodison@LHcampus.com to apply or learn more information

Our Main Street site provides programs for middle school and high school students through age 21. This program is also highly individualized and addresses the transition goals for students. In addition to community integration, job experiences are arranged and supported. Students in this program continue to work on functional academics and participate in individual, small, and large group instruction. Common areas include a full kitchen, small classroom areas, and computer area.
Email: jgoodison@LHcampus.com to apply or learn more information

Extended School Day Program
Monday through Friday, 2pm – 5:00pm

The program focuses on the application of pre-vocational, daily living, social skills, and community integration. Learning occurs in the community to increase a students ability to generalize the skills necessary for independence.
Email: imonroe@lhcampus.com